IDenTV offers true real-time video big data analytics. For years IDenTV has been the only software-based technology company that does not rely on intrusive or manual processes for advanced real-time artificial intelligence powered automated content recognition. Producing unparalleled insights and valuable analytics from vast repositories of video (linear, streaming, archived). We have created the Intelligent Video-Fingerprinting Platform (IVP), a commercially deployed technology that enables high-speed visual content recognition and indexing, combined with real-time search and verification of massive amounts of video with extreme accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. Further, within the IVP is a suite of real-time computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies including: AudioVisual Fingerprinting, Facial, Object, Scene, Activity, Nudity, Brand/Logo, Automated Speech and Optical Character Recognition technologies. All integrated to create the "Video Juicer™". The IVP and Video Juicer™ synergistically interact to create, extract and exploit rich contextual metadata in real-time from any video (live, VOD, archived) to provide unparalleled intelligence as to the context of content and advertisements, as well as unlocking insights to augment existing and/or to power new revenue generating and value added premium services for the marketing, media and entertainment industries. In addition these technologies have been adapted in the Federal space where for our work in real-time low, medium and high altitude full motion video (FMV) analysis - identifying objects and activities innovated the antiquated methods previously used in existing UAV intelligence gathering programs. For this IDenTV was honored as A Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Company in the Washington D.C. Area by Booz Allen Hamilton and TandemNSI Via innovation IDenTV is augmenting and optimizing how video analysis is done and how not just analytics but insights are produced and consumed.

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