Rabbi Sara Shendelman's Experience Director and Founder Jewish Arts, Culture, and Torah School September 1991 – Present (20 years 6 months) JACTS is a spiritually based Jewish supplemental school, afternoons or Sundays. We run a brilliant Bar & Bat Mitzah program, about which has been said, "If I had seen this kind of a Bar Mitzvah before, I would have given my child a Jewish education." We connect in such a strong way that we are able to see the children for only an hour a week, yet educate them and form such a strong bond that they always feel the strength and love of the community as a foundation to stand on. The ceremonies are joyous, heartfelt and brilliant. We are told that we have helped our students define who they wanted to be in the world and made a tremendously positive impact on their lives. Rabbi and Cantor Spiritual, Interfaith, Jewish, Gay, Non-Denom, & Romantic Weddings November 1988 – Present (23 years 4 months) Rabbi Sara is involved with spiritual education of young and old, as well as rituals: Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Baby Namings, and Funerals. She does spiritual counseling and couples counseling. She has tremendous skill at helping people define and find solutions for problems of every kind. She has released 3 albums of meditational music and songs, and has a book out with Hyperion, Traditions. She is the founder and director of Jewish Arts and Culture School, now in its 18th year in Berkeley. Rabbi and Cantor Chochmat HaLev January 1993 – March 2008 (15 years 3 months) My position involved everything. I led services, planned and ran holiday and family programs, did education for all ages, helped in program development, member counseling, development of music and liturgy, and personal family rituals, and many more areas.

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