Hi I am Beth, I am the owner and one of the groomers here. I have been grooming dogs for almost 20 yrs. I have worked in waterloo at riverside meadows for 8 yrs, then moved to hays KS worked at a vet clinic grooming dogs for 6 yrs, then pocahontas IA for 3 yrs grooming at paws to groom with my great friend wendy. then minden NE for a yr then back in fromont i worked at the pet stop for 4 yrs. now i have my own shop. I not only offer dog grooming but have pets for sale as well, We have feeder crickets, mice, soft fur rats, rats,(( I DO NOT SELL GUINEA PIGS AND SNAKE FOOD)) I have guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and bettas. I can oder in rabbits, hedgehogs, and more(but can oder most anything in you maybe looking for, on pre paid orders ONLY)

2225 N Clarkson St, Fremont, NE, 68025

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