Founded by some of the greatest minds in 2010, Trac One Multimedia Entertainment LLC. is a company who’s only mission is to put out the best music in all genres in the Record Industry. They proudly represent a talented group of Artist, Music Producers, and Audio Engineers offering them a reputable platform to launch and create successful careers. From the very beginning, they have always looked to help others in any way they can to make music they feel passionate

Trac One Multimedia Entertainment LLC. looks for different and unique talent that separates itself from the rest in this competitive growing industry. They look to set new trends in music and style. To accomplish this they look for artist from all genres of music who not only stands out but has a talent that hasn’t really reached its full potential and with the knowledge this Record Label processes it can catapult an Artist career to the next level.

There goals are to be the largest Independent Record Label who puts out the best music in all genres of the industry and do it at a competitive pricing the Industry has ever seen. They are a Record Label for the Artist, and not the business industry. So if you’re an Artist who wants the money the Music Industry has denied you then Trac One Multimedia Entertainment LLC. is the company you want to be apart of.

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