The Bacchus Company specializes in Asia manufacturing and importing of custom products and parts made from any metal, alloy, plastic, or composite materials. The company also provides assembly of manufactured parts along with packaging per client specifications. Logistical support and warehousing are also available as well as branding and marketing services. Clients are kept well informed throughout all aspects of the supply chain from detailed status reports and analytics reflecting cost and time savings, allowing for recommendations in process improvements, further enhancing operational efficiency. Over the years, The Bacchus Company has forged relationships with raw material suppliers and production facilities in 29 countries on six continents including North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. With so many vendors to choose from, the company’s continuing vision of supplying higher quality parts, lower costs, shorter lead times along with on-time deliveries have been achieved again and again, resulting in extraordinarily favorable clientele feedback and client retention rate. Through proven supply chain methods The Bacchus Company has excelled throughout the years, consistently producing high quality parts with exceptionally fast delivery times. The Bacchus Company is primed for the future, especially considering researchers estimate that within the next five years 50% of the U.S. market will make the switch from in-house to supply chain out-sourcing to stay competitive. The Bacchus Company has the technology, wisdom and knowledge base to meet marketplace demands over the coming years with the expectation of continuing excellence on global scale. Since 2009, The Bacchus Company has been an innovator in supply chain solutions, recognizing that companies can no longer afford to perform every function in-house, allowing clients to focus on their operations without worrying about production happening half-a-world away.

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