Profile: Meet the Premier Realty Homes of Southwest Florida Team My name is Steve Bacardi and as the Managing Member/Broker of Premier Realty Homes of Southwest Florida, I want to thank you for visiting our COMPANY web-site! As the Broker of the firm along with all of my team and agents we have been helping buyers and sellers in South Florida for over 38 years. PREMIER has made it easy for you to search for property anywhere in Southwest Florida whether it's in NAPLES, MARCO ISLAND, BONITA SPRINGS, ESTERO, FT. MYERS, FT. MYERS BEACH OR CAPE CORAL our offices and branch offices serve all of these areas. As a "NATIVE" of South Florida, nobody knows these markets better than I do (38 a Broker)! I invite you to always have an open and direct line to me as the BROKER/MANAGING MEMBER of the firm. PREMIER has created extraordinary "BUYER PROGRAMS" and "SELLER PROGRAMS" that have changed the Industry and the way BUYERS can buy homes and the way SELLERS can LIST-MARKET & SELL their homes. On the BUYER SIDE, when PREMIER acts as your BUYERS AGENT on any property not listed directly by us, PREMIER WILL PROVIDE "AIRFARE & CHOICE OF GUEST ACCOMMODATIONS, CONTRIBUTE UP TO $15,000* IN CLOSING COSTS AND ALSO PROVIDE TO YOU "REAL TIME" ACCESS TO THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKET THROUGH A DIRECT "REAL TIME" ACCESS LINK DIRECTLY FROM PREMIERS MLS DATA LINK JUST ASK ME FOR ALL THE DETAILS! NOT A BAD WAY OF SAYING "THANK YOU", RIGHT! On the SELLER SIDE, PREMIER offers all the benefits seen here and on homes over $500,000 and up we extend PREMIER'S "CONCIERGE HOME SHOWCASING" PROGRAM. NO LOCK BOXES ARE USED IN THIS PROGRAM, ONLY ON-SITE PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATION OF YOUR HOME.

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