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At Miller Photography, we specialize, exclusively, in shooting high-quality advertising and commercial photography. Our sole purpose is to provide you with images and footage that are destined to boost your brand, your image and your sales. Whether in the studio or on location, stills or video, our job is this; to make you, your products, your services, and your people, look great.
Our services don’t start and stop with great imagery, though. We start by recognizing your wants, your wishes, your vision. With decades of combined experience, Miller Photography realizes that different clients have different needs. We know that images shot for the web won’t necessarily translate well to print, that fashion shoots and industrial locations require completely different styles of photography, that no two jobs are ever alike. At Miller Photography, we always consider how, where and why people will be viewing your photos and footage. We keep that end-usage in mind, not only during the session, but in the planning stages. We also recognize that you may have ideas of your own. Perhaps a look or feel that you’d like for us to capture. For that reason, we encourage our clients to be as involved in their photo and video shoots as they would like to be. We won’t shut you out. We’re open to your ideas, direction and input. We’ll work together, as a team, to help realize your vision. Blank slate? No problem. We’ll be more than happy to brainstorm and help come up with ideas for your consideration. Either way, we’ll work with you – to make sure you get the most out of us. Each and every time. Contact Miller Photography, today, for a no obligation estimate or consultation.

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main #:   9185872505

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1442 E. 3rd Street, Tulsa, OK, 74120

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