Welcome to Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. We are among the best personal injury attorneys in America. We litigate serious injuries resulting from negligently caused accidents in California and out at sea.

Our experts are recognized by local courts and insurance defense firms as experienced, compassionate lawyers who help victims recover money for people who suffered harm from bad motorcycle accidents, and vehicular related crashes.

We have also gained notoriety in bad casino tour bus accidents, and our lead attorney, Michael Ehline is an avid motorcycle lawyer who is recognized by motorcycle clubs, and by independents as the "motorcycle rider's friend."

Of course, we have attorneys who can handle slip and fall cases, to the more complex wrongful death cases against Cal Trans and even vehicle manufacturers. We have years of experience in handling mundane and complex matters.

Michael Ehline, our founder and managing attorney externed under an appellate justice, as well as for the head of the criminal prosecution law and motion department at the LA City Attorney's Offices of the Airport Courthouse.

We have also worked with Orange County public defenders, and know the ins-and-outs of the California criminal justice system for those of you seeking help for a hit and run case that involves criminal restitution, or even a crossover Pitchess Motion, civil or criminal.

Choosing the right attorney for things like a spine injury, brain damages from a jarring smash up. Take, for example, a car, bus, truck or motorcycle accident involving serious injuries is very important.

Don't allow yourself to succumb to depression during these crucial moments after a terrible situation like this. Let us help stand in your shoes as your legal representative as you recover from the loss of a wage earner, mother, father or child.

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