At Blooming Butterflies, we understand how critical it is to leave your child with someone you don't trust. It may be a difficult nerve wracking decision to make. Here at Blooming Butterflies we have a safe, nurturing, loving, caring home, full of creativity and fun learning which encourages the development of social and verbal skills. (We also want all parents to know that we have cameras around our premises and BBEL will provide access to these camera so you can monitor your children too. This will be coming soon.) We encourage independence self confidence, and consideration for others. Our children are treated in a gentle caring manner at all times. Children who feel safe and trust their surroundings will be at ease to explore and interact with others. Parents are always welcome since we must work together to help your child reach his or her full potential. Our Philosophy We believe in Blooming Butterflies that learning primarily happens with experience and discovery. At Blooming Butterflies, you step into a wondrous world of young children where imagination and self expression flourish. We provide a safe and caring environment for children.

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