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A&G Janitorial Services


a&g janitorial services is unique in the commercial cleaning and janitorial service industry. We provide a full range of professional cleaning services along with building maintenance. Our mission is to promote health and safety by ensuring a comfortable environment for company employees, visitors, and customers. Clients constantly let us know how much they appreciate our work. The only thing that is better is when a new client tells us they found out about us from someone else. For us, referrals are the ultimate compliment, as they let us and you know we're good at what we do. “I almost had given up on finding a decent janitorial service, and then we contacted a&g janitorial services. The work they do is exemplary, the staff is outstanding. Best of all they are incredibly accommodating.” Steven L.


10825 E 26th St, Tulsa, OK, 74129

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